More affordable.

¡The internet for all!


Siglo Network has launched
its first community in México

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Everyone should have equal access to the Internet

Siglo is a decentralized Internet network designed
to deliver faster Internet at a more affordable cost.

Faster Faster
Cheaper Cheaper
For all For all

Siglo exists and grows thanks to its community


We believe that everyone should have equal access to a fast Internet service in their home. We also believe in the power of the community to build something big, TOGETHER.

The network is available to anyone who wants to be a part.

That means that, in addition to fast and affordable Internet, you can participate and earn by being a part of building, growing, and maintaining the Siglo Network community.

¿How it works?

¿How it works?

With the community working and earning together, we are creating a new kind of Internet company where everyone benefits.


The Siglo team is a diverse group of men and women from multiple countries, all passionate about connectivity, digital and financial inclusion. We know and understand emerging markets in Latin America and we have extensive telecom experience. Above all, we are part of an online community of thousands of people in Mexico and Colombia that believe in a more inclusive Internet.

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